FORA, MS, ZALP bearings set, high performance

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Replacement bearings set for FORA, ZALP, MS and other engines that use 6x15 (nose) and 12x21 (rear) bearings.

The offered bearings are increased load bearings, with bigger size balls and higher precision then the bearings used in FORA, ZALP and MS engines by manufacturers as default. The set eliminates very common problem at the most F2D engines - nose bearing fuel leak.

The set includes only selected bearings showed the best life/performance ratio after long time tests. The set is used by well known USA based FORA motors fine tuner Alexey Tapunov.

The set consists of:
1) the nose bearing is high load Japan brand bearing. Half shielded (can be removed at will)
2) the rear bearing is high load USA brand bearing. Open, offset raceway.

please see the pictures below how the bearing must be installed at a crankshaft

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