Covering Film (Thin, Yellow)

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Cover film. Thinner than regular Lavsan/Mylar (17 microns vs 25 microns).
Perfect shrinkage properties. Great weight savings - around 10-12 grams per model.
Due to less cover film thickness it requires less heat to shrink the material so there is less chance you might burn your foam filled LE.

The material has to be purchased by 10 (meters). The price is per linear meter.

- The cover film is per-painted to yellow color, while application make sure you put the cover painted side down, otherwise fuel will spoil the surface (will damage the paint)
- Recommended glue is Contact Cement or related.

material thickness - 17 microns
material width - 60 cm (comes folded 30cm width)

  • 615 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: YM Systems

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